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John Galt Insurance has been my portal for becoming a successful business owner and insurance professional. I came into this company at the ripe age of 22 years old, the managers and owners at John Galt Insurance took the time to groom my sales, managerial and communication skills which has allowed me to excel in not only sales but also in training others to become great sales producers. Without John Galt Insurance, I would most definitely be sitting somewhere wondering how I could take the next step. Thank you JGI, I am truly grateful for everything.
Zane L.

John Galt is one of the fastest growing Independent Insurance Agencies in Florida and offers an amazing opportunity to own your own business!! There is no other company that I know of that pays YOU while you start and grow YOUR own book of business. Being in the insurance industry prior to joining The John Galt Insurance Agency, the training provided in house for sales and referral marketing is second to none. John Galt Insurance has provided me the tools for personal and business growth and has been the best career move I have made.
Mike C.

Love my management team, not only are they helpful but a wealth of knowledge helping me to become the best version of myself! I have been here 2 years and I’m happy to come to work everyday! If you want more out of your work experience make the move to join our team
Nicole F.

John Galt Insurance has allowed me the opportunity to start my own business. It has taught me more about the business world than I ever learned in business school and has helped me develop into a business professional. John Galt Insurance has given me an introduction into the corporate business world and given me invaluable experience.
Niraj T.

Before I started at John Galt, I had trouble deciding where to start a career. I had gone to graduate school and held down a few jobs but I needed to find a place to begin a career – John Galt presented me with that opportunity. I had no experience in the insurance industry, but John Galt helped train me until I was in a position to excel and gain quality business on my own.
Sebastian N.

Opportunity of a lifetime. You get to build your business without the stress of everything else that comes with building a business. Consistent income, operations management, customer service team and more. Would recommend to anyone who wants to become a business owner but wants the support of a team to do it.
Giovanni M.

Being in this business for 30 years, I rate this organization first class all around. For me, the decision to join was the opportunity to continue growing in this market.
Frank N.

John Galt Insurance is a great place to work! The people here are very friendly and helpful! I have been with the company for over three years and it’s the best place I have ever worked!
Shelley P.

Kyle, Pete And Matt are amazing to work with. The support and training are phenomenal. My co worker’s are true professionals and care about your success. I would recommend John Galt Insurance to everyone.
Thank you so much for everything!!!!
Cristian H.

I feel very happy to be part of John Galt’s team. The leadership, support and guidance have been phenomenal. I look forward for more years with the company. I have learned so much from Pete, Kyle and Matt. Thank you for being you, for sharing your knowledge and experience and ultimately for giving me the opportunity to grow and be part of John Galt’s team.
Juliette R.

I really enjoy the family atmosphere and the support that I get to be the best insurance agent I can.
Travis S.

The training, guidance and overall support from management is excellent and like no other place I have worked. They really care about your success!
Sherrin M.

Great, knowledgable people always willing to help you understand the win-win mentality so much needed in the field.
Jose A.

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