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Our Franchise: Executive Team

James D. Rudd - Co-CEO/Co-President

James D. Rudd, Managing Member and Co-CEO/Co-President

Jim graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Finance and Law. He is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar Association since 1983 and during his law career he has focused on the areas of insurance and real estate law. For over a decade he has been a constant lecturer and expert witness in the area of insurance. He has been the president of the John Galt Insurance Agency since 1989 and is a founding Managing Manager and our Co-CEO/Co-President of the franchisor which was organized in January 2016.

Jim loves to travel, enjoys outdoor sports and boating.

Peter A. Poggi

Peter A. Poggi, Managing Member and Co-CEO/Co-President

Pete has been a Managing Member and our Co-CEO/Co-President since joining our organization in January 2016. Since January 2016 to the present, he has been actively managing of The John Galt Insurance Agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. From October 2009 to November 2014, he owned and operated 2 top performing Insurance Franchises located in South Florida. Pete started his insurance career with a well-known captive insurance agency in 2004 owning two branches while achieving top honors during all 5 years. Prior to his insurance career he worked in the family owned and operated chain of 50 hair salons out of the Midwest where he learned his management skills and work ethic. He was born and raised outside of Chicago Il until he moved to South Florida. Pete has a passion for teaching, motivating and making sure other agents become successful.

Pete enjoys fishing, boating, trying new restaurants, travel when possible, and his morning walk.

Christi C. Rudd

Christina C. Rudd, Managing Member and Chief Financial Officer

Christi was brought up in Long Island New York and moved to South Florida in 1986. She joined the John Galt Insurance Agency in 1993 and worked her way up to Chief Financial Officer in 1995. She has been Chief Financial Officer, Vice President and a member of the management team since 1995. She is a founding member and Chief Financial Officer of the franchisor since its organization in January 2016.

Christi loves to travel, enjoys outdoor sports, and boating.

Kristal Poggi - Manager Member

Kristal Poggi, Vice President of Talent Management

Kristal was born & raised in Central Illinois and moved to South Florida with her husband in 2001, She has a background in the beauty industry which includes teaching, salon ownership and management. She decided after 25 years to make a career change and join Pete in the insurance industry. She is a licensed 440 agent who co-owned two other independent insurance Franchises prior to joining John Galt in 2016. She has a great eye for detail and a passion for helping others.

In her free time, Kristal enjoys cooking, working out, trying new restaurants and traveling when possible.

Kyle Quezada - Vice President of Sale

Kyle Quezada, Vice President

Kyle Quezada was born in Anchorage, Alaska but grew up in southwest Montana. He moved to South Florida on a basketball scholarship in 2006. He has a background in retail management. He ran one of the largest Footlockers in South Florida for 2.5 years before deciding to make a career change. In August of 2010 he joined a top performing Insurance franchise. Kyle was the Managing Partner from 2011 until 2014. During this time Kyle was awarded top honors and helped the office be in the top 1% of the entire company. In 2015, Kyle joined John Galt Insurance in Fort Lauderdale as the Vice President of Sales.

In his spare time Kyle enjoys spending time with his family which includes his wife and three daughters. He enjoys playing sports, going to the beach and camping.

Charles Wieland

Charles Wieland, Executive Director – Agency Advocate Team

Charles’ career spans three decades in the financial services sector. As a CPA, mortgage broker, and insurance agent, he has consistently assumed pivotal leadership roles. What sets him apart is his dedication to implementing and nurturing core values within organizations.

Charles is a firm believer in the power of values-driven cultures, focusing on elevating the service experience for both customers and agents. Under his guidance, teams have thrived on a foundation of accountability, teamwork, and a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Charles possesses unwavering dedication to these principles, driving businesses to new heights of success.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends.

Stephen Olenchak

Stephen K. Olenchak, Jr., Vice President of Agent Development

Stephen graduated summa cum laude with two undergraduate degrees (B.A./B.S) from St. John’s and comes to us with extensive private and public sector experience. Co-founding and operating America’s Best Realty, Inc. for 20 years, has made Stephen an expert in all facets of the South Florida Real Estate market. Stephen is also retired career law enforcement having served as an FBI certified hostage negotiator, investigator, special operations officer, and black water rescue/recovery diver. His experience has given him a razor-sharp feel for team dynamics and an uncanny ability to identify strengths and growth potential in welcoming new elite partners to our team. Stephen is also a licensed insurance agent.

Stephen is a onetime beneficiary of, (and self-proclaimed “World’s Biggest Cheerleader” for), John Galt’s Boot Camp and MDP training programs.

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