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Franchise Agency Owner

For experienced business people or seasoned insurance professionals who have the financial means to start their own business, John Galt has the answer. You can work with and be mentored by other successful agents who have built top performing agencies from the ground up.

Our Goal

Our goal is to open a small number of agencies at strategic locations throughout the state where we carefully select our agents and provide proper training so they can implement our success formula, thereby, achieving higher volume per location than other agencies.

Franchise Agency Owner Sarasota

Franchise Agency Owner Orlando

Quality not Quantity

The quality of our agents and the success of our agency partners are what is important to us. In exchange for a lower cost of entry, our agency partners commit blood, sweat, and tears learning our system and implementing the success formula so their success and agency growth is significantly better than the average agency.

At John Galt Insurance, we offer several different program options so our agency partners can journey down the path to success that meets their individual needs.

Our 3 Pathways to Franchise Ownership

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